Formwork Production


BuildWorths Limited is a proud manufacturer of disposable formworks made from plastic materials using the Valero patented technology. We produce plain and decorative columns of different shapes, sizes and with exposed finished surfaces. At BuildWorths Formwork plant, supported by Grupo Valero, we offer 14 different models of standard columns, to cover all needs, tastes and market practice. From snap to walls and fences, to structural element in porches, facades or pillars visible inside a building. But in addition to the standard models, we offer the possibility of offering our wide range of customized special forms for any custom design and requirements of architects, technicians and designers.

Specialist Juvenile Furniture Production


Because we are a serious business entrepreneur, we thought it was time we paid attention to those spaces in the house that are accorded the least of attention. We are proud partner of TETERIS SYSTEMS, a manufacturer of juvenile furniture, children’s bedrooms, Folding beds, study areas and closets. Welcome to the cutting edge of technology applied to the interior. Tetris was created in response to demand for a more human furniture, adapted to urban needs, the use of each space and create spaces where you have ever imagined.