Electrical Installations

Electrical systems


Our electrical systems division provides electrical conduits (corrugated or smooth plastic and metal pipe systems) for installations in buildings, outdoors and underground as well as for cable protection. The spectrum ranges from pipes for different forms of installation (concrete, concealed, exposed, cavity wall installations) to conduits with special characteristics for specific applications, e. g. for zero halogen installations and for fire protection.

Cable Protection


Wires and cables are important to a working infrastructure. They provide us with energyand data and keep daily life running, hence they must be adequately and securely protected against any from of interference or damage.

Wires and Cables – the lifelines of our engineered world


While wires and cables were predominantly installed aboveground in the past, underground installation quickly became a standard in industrial countries in the course of mechanisation – not only for aesthetic reasons but also due to the continuously increasing demand for interconnection capacity and a growing number of wires and cables.

Cable Ducts – reliable and flexible


Underground installation itself and the fact that various media must often be accommodated in small spaces in urban areas pose potential risks. Cables must be protected during and after installation making the use of cable ducts essential. Cable ducts provide mechanical protection to underground cables and allow for assigning different media to different ducts. At the same time, they serve as unused conduits to retrofit additional cables.

Cable Protection in Electrical Installations


The requirements on the functionality of facilities/buildings of various kinds increase and most of all change constantly. This is true for high-quality single family houses as well as for large hospitals, small production halls and large airports with air routes across the world. Progress is fast and unpredictable. We often cannot tell what will be “trendy” in private households in two or three years. The same applies to the requirements of the economy for retaining competitiveness. Therefore, flexibility is the order of the day. It more and more becomes one of the most important prerequisites for general future-proof installations. This is exactly what conduits (also called electrical conduits, cable ducts or corrugated conduits) provide for the field of power supply. And increasingly also for communication and data processing technologies in buildings of any kind.

Of course, conduits by FRÄNKISCHE with their specific characteristics are also suitable for all conceivable installations. The most important are exposed and concealed installations, cavity wall and concrete installations and installations in floor screed with their most different requirements on the material, for example zero halogen, PE-HD, PVC, mild steel, stainless steel or aluminium.