Building Construction Technology

BuildWorths Ltd is committed to setting the highest standards for service and performance in the construction industry. We understand that this can only be achieved by bringing together a team of dedicated construction professionals and uniquely talented craftsman with “one” common goal; “the success of your project”. Through experienced leadership and attention to detail, BuildWorths can ensure the success of our clients’ objectives and our record of performance proves it. Our project managers and superintendents are given the systems, tools and support needed to enable them to produce higher quality, timely and more cost-efficient results. The most important goal of project management is simply to return value to the project through accelerated construction and innovative planning

Traditional Building Construction Method


Brickwork and Blockwork Construction

There is a deep historical and psychological attachment to masonry construction that has contributed to its continuation as the main house building method in most countries. A survey found that more and more people would prefer to buy or build deploying the traditional block and mortar construction.

The term ‘Traditional Building’ is most often used to describe a structure where the internal load bearing part of the walling is of masonry construction and tied with stainless steel ties to an outer leaf of either block or brick.

Although Modern Methods of Construction are taking building practices into the future, traditional brick and block methods still remain one of the most widely used build types in the world.

We have mastered the best ways to employing human, material and financial resources to carryout any type of building construction deploying the traditional building construction technique. Brick, mortar, concrete, timber, reinforcement.


Dry Construction Technique


The growing use of dry construction system in the building sector is due to the many advantages of these systems, primarily their short construction times, good economics, superiority in terms of building physics and, first and foremost, their sound insulation and fire protection benefits compared to masonry and concrete with the same overall component thickness. Other advantages include the ease of installation and the ease of integrating fitting-out elements such as lighting unit, loudspeakers, detectors and sensors.

BuildWorths Limited is determined to take a leading role in deploying Dry Construction Systems to providing solutions to the industry’s apparent challenges of time, cost and quality assurance. For that reason we have invested heavily in Dry Construction design, methodology, procedure, technology, materials and research & development with the sole aim of building quickly, cheaply and beautifully.

Today, in partnership with some of the world’s leading operators of Dry Construction systems, we are the foremost solution provider of lightweight hollow assemblies that adhere to the technological principles of lightweight construction. In dry construction we typically speak less of components and more of systems less of building materials and more of semi-finished and finished products, less of building and building processes and more of assembly and erection.

Modern Foundation Construction


Efficient, ecological, without concrete, durable.


Following our profound interest in providing state-of-the-art solutions to modern foundation construction, BuildWorths Ltd signed a sole technical partnership agreement with KRINNER GmbH, the world’s pioneer innovator of ground screws for modern foundation construction. The KRINNER Ground Screws ensure Non-concrete elevation, eliminates costly earth works and concreting, affiliated soil excavation and sealing and extensive transports of ready mix concrete and machinery or materials for onsite production of concrete, eliminates the need for formwork and other required concrete testing.

Solar Park Infrastructure


The KRINNER Solar system – your investment in sustainable power energy generation


We are Nigeria’s and West Africa’s official licensed Installer of KRINNER Ground Screws for Solar system. Driven by innovation and good business sense, we develop, plan and build sustainable solar systems for efficient power generation today and tomorrow.

Sustainable energy management requires an understanding of common business sense coupled with a sense of responsibility for the environment. Your choice of a KRINNER Solar system is also a decision in favour of trendsetting and gentle construction with patented KRINNER ground screw foundations.

Non-concrete elevation eliminates costly earth works and concreting, affiliated soil sealing and extensive transports of concrete and machinery. This makes the KRINNER Solar system the economical and time-saving solution for sustainable energy generation of the future.

Apart from quick and economical implementation, modular, non-concrete construction also permits complete dismantling of facilities, a novelty in the solar energy business that has already won over customers in more than 50 countries.

The KRINNER Solar system safeguards your project’s long-term success by the costeffective employment of patented KRINNER ground screw foundations. Their modular and environmentally friendly design is a brilliant symbiosis of economic and ecological pioneering efforts and also permits complete dismantling.

Being pioneers in the construction of sustainable solar energy systems, we make a meaningful and valuable contribution to establishing photovoltaics as a cost-efficient renewable energy provider.

We are passionately committed to innovative impulses and comprehensive sustainable solutions for erecting solar energy facilities, leaving our mark on all processes and procedures of a project through precision, stability and safety.

Planning & Project Management


Reliable Planning


Our expert professionals are your dependable partners and comprehensive project planners from facility design to installation and maintenance, providing tailor-made, costefficient solutions for your solar energy project.

In-house Production


Crafting precision


Top quality standards of KRINNER’s in-house production guarantee innovative product
development and advanced solutions.

Site Management & Assembly


Building Visions


Energy-efficient, cost-effective and sustainable implementation of solar energy projects
with the innovative capacity and flexibility of the KRINNER Solar system